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Top 10 visual content marketing strategy (100% Working) |
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Top 10 visual content marketing strategy (100% Working)

Top 10 visual content marketing strategy (100% Working)

10 Visual Storytelling Tips to Give Your Content Marketing a Boost

The numbers are staggering – marketers are investing heavily in visual content:

1. Always use a visual

Now, this may seem like an obvious tip, but it needs to be reinforced. It’s crucial that your team is communicating visually across platforms.

2. Start with a creative pitch

Now that you’re focused on using visual content, how can you make sure that content stands out? Start with an irresistible idea.

The Visit Norway team challenged several agencies to pitch a creative idea for a summer campaign.

One pitch caught its attention from the start: #SheepWithAView, the chance to see Norway through the eyes of its roaming sheep.

3. Build a consistent visual identity across platforms

The strongest brands have a consistent visual identity.

When you build your brand guidelines, include a photography section that outlines your photography style, key photo characteristics, and guidelines on image use on social media and your website.

Include examples so everyone is on the same page.

4. Connect with a value

Red Bull sets a fantastic example of how to connect with a value through visual storytelling.

Rather than making videos about energy drinks, Red Bull makes videos about energy.

They know what their customers care about, and they produce content with those values at the core.

5. Source gorgeous photography

Do you know how to think more like a photo editor than a marketer? The right photo will engage your audience better than just any photo.

Hiring a professional photographer can help you tell a more accurate and compelling story.

The design team at Applegate Natural & Organic Meats draws a direct line from sharing professional photography on social media to sales.

visual content marketing

6. Get started with video

There’s no denying it – video content is capturing everyone’s attention. Your team has no excuse not to focus on video.

Wherever you are, go with it. You can start shooting short videos for social media with your iPhone or step up your video production by setting up an in-house video studio.

7. Geek out on GIFs

The Graphics Interchange Format was introduced in the 1980s, and now – lucky for us – we are experiencing a GIF renaissance.

GIFs are great for sharing fun, light-hearted content.

Twitter has made it easy to add GIFs to your tweets as well as your replies, with a built-in GIF option that lets you choose a prepopulated GIF around phrases like “mic drop” and “no.”

8. Test live video

Live video is a hot topic for marketers. What’s the best way to use Facebook Live, Periscope, or Instagram Live stories?

I argue there are two reasons to go live:

  • Encourage viewers to join in – think FOMO (fear of missing out) – If you can catch your fans’ attention while an event is unfolding, you can motivate them to join in before it’s too late.
  • This is especially true for audiences of universities, destinations, sports teams, and retail brands.

9. Experiment with 360-degree video

Experiment with using 360-degree video to establish a sense of place.

Visit Las Vegas uses 360-degree video to drop you into trademark Vegas scenes, from the hottest parties to a zip line over the strip.

Some 360-degree videos give a better view than someone could ever get on their own.

Check out this video that lets you fly over the Grand Canyon on the outside of a helicopter.

10. Source user-generated content

User-generated content (specifically, user-generated visuals) can infuse your brand’s storytelling with authenticity.

Incorporating content from your followers into your social media, website, and other communications can help you present a more balanced, well-rounded view of your brand.

UGC is especially popular in the travel industry.

Now that travelers turn to Instagram to check out a city, hotel, attraction, or restaurant, travel brands are using hashtags to curate fresh content from different perspectives.


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