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Web Designing & Website Developement

  • Design a unique and extremely creative website in order to satisfy our clients is the prime motto of the developers at Ideabright Infotech.
  • Here, we offer a wide range of design and development solutions for the web design and development.
  • With the help of latest and decent programming languages that contains less time to complete the processes.
  • We use various platforms for making the final website user-friendly for the customers of our clients.
  • Be it an eCommerce website, or a PHP website,or a .Net website, or any other, we have experts from most of the fields and platforms.

Software Development

  • Software development, a service that has been provided by a lot many companies out there.
  • But, unique and extraordinary software development is what Ideabright Infotech is known for.
  • We offer a huge variety of IT services across various industries and verticals.
  • Our softwares can cut costs, offer comfort to the customers along with advantage in the competitive market.
  • We offer the best in class quality of the software to our customers so that they can lead in their market.
  • We believe that excellence and innovative solutions to the customers can make them successful.

Ecommerce Solutions

  • Online shopping is the latest buzzword that has kept back the standard shopping system.
  • Similarly, eCommerce development has done as well.
  • Hence each and every kind of eCommerce solutions at a single place with the lowest possible costs is something that is like a jackpot for the store owners out there.
  • We, at Ideabright Infotech are expert in design, development, integration and all the other eCommerce concepts.
  • We have a variety of feature modules at affordable rates that will lead our clients to the well organized and customer-friendly eCommerce websites as well as applications.

Open Source Customization

  • According to the experts at Ideabright Infotech, open source applications are the best way in order to implement within short span of time.
  • We, at Ideabright Infotech, offer open source customization that includes developing custom templates, design creative skins, work with various modules in order to provide cost effective design and development solutions that consist of latest integration facilities.
  • Our services consist of finest customized development & design with the help of open source products for our clients.
  • At Ideabright Infotech, we combine the best of open source customization technologies to develop the projects.

Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing, whether it is SEO or SEM, Ideabright Infotech has experts in both the services.
  • The digital marketing executives at Ideabright Infotech are proficient in using all the tools and techniques with perfection in order to provide top rankings in the search engine ranking pages to the customers.
  • Along with the highly known SEO and SEM services, we also offer social media marketing in order to make our clients popular on social media platforms as well.
  • With us, design your website such that it provides you maximum Return on Investment and highest possible sales growth.
  • Not only SEO or SEM, our digital marketing services also include PPC, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, App Store Optimization.
  • We will make all the possible and required changes to your on-page and off-page website so that it can rank top on the search engine result pages.

Financial Accounting Admin Support

  • Apart from IT services, we also have some highly professional executives in finance department.
  • We also offer services like Billing Generation, Maintenance of QuickBooks Accounting, Payroll Management and many other services like creating budgets, preparing and submitting tax forms, coding documents, compiling financial records and managing inventory records.

Sales & Virtual Assistant

  • Not only design and development partner, Ideabright Infotech can be a great outsourcing partner for those who are willing to hire sales department for their business.
  • Once we develop a website, we are there for the technical support to the client all the time.
  • We offer 24*7 support whether it is any kind of technical support, eCommerce support, marketplace management, order processing or any other customer services.
  • We love to work as a virtual assistant for our clients in order to assist them whenever they require any kind of help from our side whether development or any other.

Healthcare Technology & Services

  • In this world of advancements, how can healthcare industry lack in using technology for making the processes easy.
  • At Ideabright Infotech, we also build software for the healthcare industry.
  • In the software developed by us, we include various sections like eligibility verification, claim submission, accounts receivable follow-up, patient billing and collection, A/R Analytics and Business Intelligence, Account Payable Services and many other services

Amazon Vendor Central Services

  • Strategic Account Set Up
  • Catalogue Management
  • Complete and Effective Order Management
  • Complete Shipment Management
  • Invoice and Accounting Management
  • Case Logs/Dispute Management
  • Account Growth and Overall Business Development